Rokeby Museum Distance Drawing Course — Week 6: Illustration

Courtney Clinton

In this final installment from Rokeby artist-in-residence Courtney Clinton, she shows us that art can be accessible to all of us. It’s possible for us to unlock our own creativity when we take a systematic approach and let go of our self-doubt.

Rokeby Museum Distance Drawing Course — Week 5: Self-Critique

Allison Gregory reading in Rachael Robinson's room

This week, with the help of Allison Gregory, Courtney explores the idea of perspective through the working relationship of Rachael and Gabrielle, a children’s book author. Learn how to look at your work from a different angle, especially when a second set of eyes isn’t possible.

Rokeby Museum Distance Drawing Course — Week 4: From Life

It’s self-portrait week! Building on the “Copying” lesson of week 2, Rokeby Artist in Residence Courtney Clinton will show you how a drawing by a favorite artist can play the role of your teacher and guide you in your drawing process.

Rokeby Museum Distance Drawing Course — Week 3: Mistakes

Courtney Clinton

Engaging with feedback is a central step in the learning process. It forces us to ask new questions and look at our work from a new perspective. Once we get over our emotional response, knowing what is not working becomes a point of departure and gets us closer to our learning objectives.

Rokeby Museum Distance Drawing Course — Week 2: Copying

Courtney Clinton

In the same way that Rachael learned to work with magazines by emulating her father’s career, she learned art theory by copying the works of accomplished artists. Rachael learned her craft well and there is a lot we can learn about the academic drawing tradition by copying Rachael’s work.

Rokeby Museum Distance Drawing Course — Week 1: Vision

Courtney Clinton

Artist Courtney Clinton offers lessons covering topics such as developing a sketchbook practice, finding & fixing mistakes, drawing from life, & more. Inspired by Rachael Robinson Elmer, each lesson will include archival images, Clinton’s drawings & a letter explaining the why and how.