About Rokeby

“unrivaled among known sites for its historical integrity and the poignancy of the stories it tells.”

From 1793 to 1961, Rokeby was home to four generations of Robinsons — a remarkable family of Quakers, farmers, abolitionists, artists, and authors. Today, the Robinson family’s home is a National Historic Landmark, designated for its exceptional Underground Railroad history. Rokeby is among the best-documented Underground Railroad sites in the county, one the National Park Service has described as:

“unrivaled among known sites for its historical integrity
and the poignancy of the stories it tells.”

Telling those stories is at the center of the Museum’s mission, which is to “connect visitors with the human experience of the Underground Railroad and with the lives of the Robinsons, who lived on and farmed this land for nearly 200 years.” Guided by Rachel Gilpin and Rowland Thomas Robinson’s commitment to speaking truth to power, today’s Rokeby is committed to serving as a center for the exploration and discussion of contemporary social justice issues.

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We hope you have an opportunity to enjoy the warm weather and read a book outdoors! 

Full-page drawing by Rachael Robinson Elmer, c.1900. Rokeby Museum Collections. 
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An Easter Errand by Rachael Robinson Elmer. 
Possibly an illustration for a children's magazine short story, ie The Youth's Companion or St Nicholas Magazine for Children. 
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The First of April by Rowland Evans Robinson

Description & Caption: A man wearing a smock and carrying a pail and milking sool stops to talk to a young boy who points to a man filling a pail at a water pump. "Vulgar little boy to Dairyman who sells milk in the [illeg.] town- 'Say Mr. Skimmins! There's somebody a milkin' yer best cow.' Evil- Boy, followed by flying milking stool. 
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Registration is open for Run for Rokeby (Anywhere) 5k Run/Walk. 
May is Preservation Month and we're asking you to join us in running or walking a 5K in support of Rokeby Museum's preservation fund. 
Collections Spotlight: to brighten your day. 
A sketch by Rowland Evans Robinson shows a man using a rope to "squeeze" more sap from the tree. 
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Rokeby is currently closed for the season, but will be opening for the season on May 9th. Stay tuned!