Historic Robinson Home

Historic Robinson HomeHistoric Robinson HomeHistoric Robinson HomeHistoric Robinson HomeRobinson Historic Home Backyard

A significant part of the Museum’s collection is on permanent display in the historic Robinson home.

We take our cues from the Robinsons when sharing the site with visitors, especially on the house tour. As Quakers, the Robinsons were subject to the “testimony of simplicity,” which dictated plainness in language, dress, and household furnishings. So, although interiors are densely packed with family belongings and vividly evoke the individuals who once lived here, they lack the decorative flourishes of fashionable abodes. The Robinsons were less interested in keeping up with the latest styles than they were with the meaning of their faith, the reform movements of the antebellum era, and the price of wool, butter, and apples. Later generations shared a love of the natural world, literature, and art.

The house tour is an intimate experience, during which visitors encounter the stories of all four generations of the Robinsons on their own terms — and in their own spaces.

Due to ongoing preservation work in 2021, tours of the historic home are not available at this time, but outside guided site tours are available every Friday–Monday, 11 am and 2 pm OR by appointment. Tours last about 45 minutes.

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