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Art is truly everywhere at Rokeby Museum! From architectural details on the historic buildings to the many pieces of artwork from the family, we are brimming with works of art. One of our favorite pieces of art is this sketch by Rowland Evans Robinson on the plaster wall in the attic of the historic house. Rowland noted underneath how frequently he hit his head on the low doorway in the attic. Today it's a reminder to our staff to watch our head when leaving the attic! 
Caption this! Here is an illustration by Rachael Robinson Elmer for A Pilgrims Progress abridged by James Baldwin (1913). What would you title this illustration? 
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At Rokeby Museum our staff and volunteers have many Eureka moments! Our most recent is currently on display in "Modern Artist: The Commercial Art of Rachael Robinson Elmer". In the exhibit, we feature a quote taken from a letter Rachael sent to her father during her studies at the Art Students League of New York: "Mr. Cox gave me the same criticism as last time = “too fat and round and wobbly”. I know what to work for now; strength and simplicity..," (1899). We were able to pair this quote with a sketch completed by Rachael during her studies in NYC! It was an exciting find and great to bring the letter and artwork together. 
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What's New at Rokeby Museum
Image: Issac T. Hopper. Provided by Angela Schear for her June 23rd presentation "Tales of Oppression, Abolition, and Reform in the Hopper Gibbons Families". 
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It's Museum Week! A worldwide festival for cultural institutions across the world. Today's theme is #behindthescenesMW. Visitors may not always see their work, but our volunteers do so much behind the scenes! Today our volunteer Ellen is working with our textile collection. She is assessing the condition of the garments and taking photos for our catalog system. 
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