Rokeby Museum 2023–2024 Annual Fund: Continuing the Legacy

Dear Friends of Rokeby Museum,

We ask you to support Rokeby Museum through the Annual Fund each year. This drive is a crucial yearly fundraising campaign for the Museum that supports our mission to share the human experience of the Underground Railroad and the lives of four generations of the Robinson family.

Thanks to your support, we have increased staff hours, grown our program offerings, and reached new audiences with which to share our mission and the Robinson family’s history. We have exciting programs planned for 2024, including a much-anticipated update to Free & Safe: The Underground Railroad in Vermont, a new seasonal exhibition focusing on the Museum’s volunteers, and ongoing preservation work on the site’s historic structures. Our education program will continue its groundbreaking anti-bias education program with preschoolers and develop new activities to engage young people in our site’s history. 

“We are small, but we are passionate about sharing Rokeby’s history.”

Rokeby Museum has a small staff of two full-time employees and one seasonal employee. Many people ask us how we accomplish our work at the Museum, and I respond, “We are small, but we are passionate about sharing Rokeby’s history.” Staff and volunteers impart to visitors a unique and enlightening perspective on the rich tapestry of this past. Their passion for sharing Rokeby’s history is inspiring, and we are grateful for all they do.

Your support during this Annual Fund Drive will enable Rokeby Museum to continue this vital work and meet our fundraising goal of $40,000.   

Thank you for your tax-deductible end-of-year gift, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Museum in 2024!

With gratitude,
Lindsay Varner
Lindsay Varner, Executive Director 


“Far from a state location, or moment in history, Rokeby vibrates with once-lived experiences interfacing with current living experiences of all who come into its realm.”

Priscilla Baker, Volunteer and former Board Trustee

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