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Rokeby Museum is a National Historic Landmark, designated for its exceptional Underground Railroad history. Guided by Rachel Gilpin and Rowland Thomas Robinson’s commitment to speaking truth to power, today’s Rokeby is committed to serving as a center for the exploration and discussion of contemporary social justice issues.

Guided tours, lectures, special events and education programs connect the lives of the Robinsons to current scholarship and current events. All are designed to educate, enlighten and inspire.

Your support makes all this happen:
   • Preservation of Historic Structures
   • Collections Care and Management
   • School Programs
   • Lecture Programs
   • Special Events
   • Collaboration to Reach New Audiences

“Far from a state location, or moment in history, Rokeby vibrates with once-lived experiences interfacing with current living experiences of all who come into its realm.” 

Priscilla Baker, Volunteer and former Board Trustee
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