Our Mission

Rowland Thomas & Rachel Gilpin Robinson

The mission of the museum is to connect visitors
with the human experience of the Underground Railroad
and with the lives of the four generations of Robinsons
who lived at Rokeby from 1793 to 1961.

In 2019, Rokeby Museum trustees enlarged the museum’s vision to include social advocacy. Guided by Rachel Gilpin and Rowland Thomas Robinson’s commitment to speaking truth to power, today’s Rokeby is committed to serving as a center for the exploration and discussion of contemporary social justice issues.

Abolition. Art. Agriculture. Advocacy.

In September of 2021, Rokeby Museum embarked on a 3-year Strategic Plan where:

  • We envision Rokeby Museum as a site that enhances the history of Vermont and explores
    an inclusive telling of the American story. 
  • We envision a museum that is a center for excellence in education, engagement, and programming, and acts as a center for discussions on contemporary social and racial justice issues.

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Rokeby Museum Strategic Plan 2021–2023