Tales of Oppression, Abolition, and Reform in the Hopper & Gibbons Families

On June 23rd, 2021, Angela Schear presented a talk on her abolitionist ancestors, Isaac T. Hopper and Abby Gibbons.

Isaac T. Hopper,
provided by Angela Schear

Hopper authored a column in the “The National Anti-Slavery Standard“ entitled “Tales of Oppression,” and was a well-known abolitionist and Hicksite Quaker. His biographer estimated that he personally assisted over 1,000 fugitives in obtaining their freedom during his forty years of residence in Philadelphia. His third daughter Abby followed in his footsteps of activism and reform. Together with her husband, James Gibbons, this Quaker family trio was influential in many Anti-slavery societies, prison reform work, and social activism. They knew most of the principal American abolitionists including the Robinsons and even hosted many, such as William L. Garrison and Horace Greeley, in their homes.

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Staff & Volunteer Spotlight — Meet Sawyer Ryan

Sawyer Ryan

by Sawyer Ryan, 2021 Intern

Hello, my name is Sawyer. Ever since I was little, I had a great interest in the events of the past. I graduated from Plymouth State University in 2020 with a History degree and I started interning at the Rokeby Museum in November of that year. Since then, I worked on many projects that helped me learn about the fascinating history of the Robinson family. I spent most of my time here scanning letters, photos, and drawings into the digital archive here at the Rokeby Museum. That might sound boring to many, but I had a great time doing it, especially when I found several treasures out of the stacks of items. 

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“A Modern Artist: The Commercial Art of Rachael Robinson Elmer”

Rokeby Museum’s 2021 season exhibit explores the career of Rachael Robinson Elmer (1878–1919) and her early twentieth-century success as a professional illustrator. Exhibit is open May 30–October 24, 2021.

Rokeby Celebrates Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month and Ruth Farmer, shared a few “Rokeby poems” in this short video. She notes in her presentation, the Robinsons are “exemplars of artists paying attention” and “for me encountering the visuals and the words in the 21st century, these artists artistic renderings show humans as listeners, observers, and recorders of the everyday”.

We hope you enjoy both the words and art of the Robinson family, and Happy National Poetry Month!

Ruth Farmer is a Rokeby Museum Board member. Ruth is an essayist, poet, and educator, living in Bristol, Vermont.

Run For Rokeby (Anywhere!) 5K

Run for Rokeby (Anywhere!) 5K

May is National Preservation Month and we’re asking you to join us in running or walking a 5K (from anywhere!) in support of Rokeby Museum and the on-going preservation of this historic site. No matter where you are in the country you can support the mission and preservation of this National Historic Landmark.