Staff & Volunteer Spotlight — Meet Roxanne Glassenberg

Roxanne Glassenberg

by Roxanne Glassenberg, Education Intern, Rock Point School

I am a senior at Rock Point School in Burlington, and I recently spent a month and a half of alternating Wednesdays interning at Rokeby Museum. I learned more about museums/collections management in that time than I have in the rest of my life. The historic home on the museum grounds has not been open in more than two years, but even a global pandemic can’t stop dust from collecting.

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Rokeby Museum on NewTV’s “Museum Open House”

Earlier this month, Rokeby Museum director Lindsay Hoput-Varner, Ph.D., spoke with Jay Sugarman, host of NewTV’s Museum Open House. Lindsay spoke about the history and mission of the museum and gave a behind-the-scenes tour of the property as well as highlighting our permanent exhibit, Free & Safe: The Underground Railroad in Vermont. She also spoke about the programs, events, and other opportunities that are available for visitors today.

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Video: The Robinsons of Rokeby & Kauffman’s Station: A Story of Two Underground Railroad Sites

On February 17th, 2022, as part of Rokeby Museum’s Black History Month Lecture Series, Tucker Foltz (Rokeby Museum Education Programs Manager) and Matthew March (Education Curator at Cumberland County Historical Society in Pennsylvania) led a discussion on two very different sites that operated as part of the Underground Railroad. 

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Video: 100 years of the Holmes Farm, 1822–1923: A Quaker Presence in the Champlain Valley — A Virtual Talk with David R. Holmes

On December 7th, 2021, David Holmes shared stories from his recently published book “On Being a Vermonter and the Rise and Fall of the Holmes Farm, 1822–1923.” From his family’s 17th century Quaker roots, their settlement in Monkton, to the establishment of their farm in Charlotte, Holmes discussed the history and legacy of his family in Vermont.

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Video: “Spirits of Rokeby” talk with Charlotte Library

by Lindsay Varner, Rokeby Museum Director

I was very happy to work with the Charlotte Library on October 19, 2021, to present a talk on the Spirits of Rokeby. This talk was created through the research I completed for the museum’s Halloween weekend event “Spirits of Rokeby,” in which we recreated several séances found among the papers in our collection.

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