Taking & Making Photographs in 1900

The following commentary by Ric Kasini Kadour, Curator of Contemporary Art at Rokeby Museum, is from the exhibition catalog that accompanies “Rokeby Through the Lens” on view at Rokeby Museum, May 19-June 16, 2019. Much has been written… Read More

Rokeby Through the Lens

More than any time in history, photography shapes how we see the world. We are bombarded with imagery, filtered through the camera, shared on social media. It comes fast and it comes at us in a volume that… Read More

Contemporary Art at Rokeby Museum

Contemporary Art at Rokeby Museum

In May 2019, Contemporary Art at Rokeby Museum begins an ambitious two-year project designed to engage artists and the public with Rokeby Museum archives, objects, buildings, and land. Project activities will demonstrate how contemporary art can pick up the unfinished work of history and foster civic engagement in social, economic, and environmental justice issues.

The Inspiration of Place

Commentary By Ric Kasini KadourCurator of Contemporary Art at Rokeby Museum Over the winter, in preparation for the launch of Contemporary Art at Rokeby Museum and a series of programs designed to engage with artists, I have been… Read More

Rokeby Artist Membership

Rokeby Museum Artist Membership provides access and resources to artists wishing utilize the museum for art-making. Designed for painters, photographers, illustrators, and other artists working two-dimensionally, Rokeby Museum Artist Membership is one of two programs that engage with… Read More

Art Meets History Symposium

June 8, 2019, 11AM to 5PMat Rokeby Museum What happens when artists mingle with history? What roles can museums play in an artist’s practice? How can engagement with history help an artist speak to the present? How can… Read More

Rokeby Museum Partners with Kasini House to Bring Contemporary Art to Ferrisburgh Historic Site

  Rokeby Museum announces the launch of a new partnership with Kasini House designed to engage contemporary artists as interpreters of the museum’s unique history. Ric Kasini Kadour will assume the role of Curator and Project Director of… Read More

The Birds’ Songs Sound

“Never sweeter than now, after the long silence of winter, do the birds’ songs sound, and never in all the round of the year is there a better time to see them than when the gray haze of… Read More

The Past is Now: Historic Sites as Venues for Contemporary Art


Join artist and writer Ric Kasini Kadour on September 30th, 2018 at Rokeby Museum in Ferrisburgh, Vermont, for a lecture and slideshow exploring what happens when historic sites and contemporary art join forces to bring ideas from the… Read More