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No need to sit in the cold Bernie! You're welcome to visit the house and museum anytime! 
Today is Squirrel Appreciation Day!  We have no shortage of squirrels at Rokeby Museum, and their long residency at the site is seen in numerous sketches and drawings by the Robinson family, including one by Rachael Robinson Elmer. 

Image: Drawing of a squirrel clinging to the bottom of a branch; he's catching a drop of water or sap in his mouth that's dripping off the branch. By Rachael Robinson, 1903, Rokeby Museum Collection
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Happy National Hat Day! 

Pictured: Men's black beaver top hat; black ribbon around the base. Label, in gold, in the crown, reads, "A.N.Cook & Co. Boston  215 & 217 Washington Street." c.1871-1890, Rokeby Museum Collections. 
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Full moon over Rokeby Museum on Tuesday night. #rokebymuseum #fullmoon #vermont
Rokeby Museum wishes everyone a very Happy Holiday!
Image: By Rowland Evans Robinson. Santa Claus holding his hand to his ear and leaning toward a brick chimney. He wears a fur-trimmed coat and boots and a fur cap. Two reindeer stand behind him hitched to a sleigh. The caption says "' S-s-s-h! I wonder if those youngsters are fast asleep?'" In pen (in another person's handwriting) it says "Put on wood + return as soon as possible"